Events & Weddings Catering Service

Shawatina Caters to any type of Event within 25km Raduis of Tyre. Our Catering Menu has different packages to suit any budget.

We Cater Shawarma on the Grill, Lebanese Food and Meza, Seafood, Beef and Sheep Ouzi, Grill Mix, Saj with equipment, and we serve you and your guests until the end of the event if needed.

Please check our Catering Packages below and call us for more information.

 Catering Packages

  • Premium+ Buffet with Mixed Grill, Ouzi (Rice with Beef) and/or Mehshi ( Stuffed Zuchini and Grape Leaves ), Lebanese Meza, Seafood, Salads, Shawarma,  & Saj.

  • Premium Buffet with Mixed Grill and/or Ouzi and/or Mehshi, Lebanese Meza, Salads, Shawarma & Saj.

  • Regular Buffet with Mixed Grill and/or Ouzi and/or Mehshi, Salads, & Lebanese Meza.

  • A la Carte Catering, Vegeterian and non-Vegeterian.

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